Latest sandwich reviews

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (6/10)

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich started the great chicken sandwich hype of 2019 and arguably won it in the fast food category. The sandwich is great because it doesn’t try to be fancy and comes only with the basics of a good chicken sandwich: a piece of fried chicken, a soft bun, some pickles, and mayo. You should order the spicy version — that spicy mayonnaise is amazing. It also complements the buttery and sweet bun which was fresh und fluffy. Special shoutout to the pickle slices, they were thick and provided the right bit of tanginess.

The chicken piece is fairly large and has the typical fast food taste (not necessarily a bad thing if you’re craving it). On the upside the chicken has a great flaky and crispy breading but on the downside the white chicken meat tasted a bit bland. This is a heavy sandwich though and you won’t feel light after.

Overall, Popeyes serves a solid chicken sandwich and the best you can get at a nation-wide fast food chain.

First Street Alehouse (5/10)

You might come here for the burgers, but there’s also a Southern Chicken Sandwich on the menu! The sandwich has all the right ingredients but the execution is not great. The chicken was too thin and relatively tough on the outside (not overly dry on the inside though). But the main issue with the sandwich was the bun. The bottom bun was extremely soggy. At first we thought this was because of the slaw but the burgers at this place come like that, too. A real bummer since the other ingredients on the sandwich weren’t bad at all - the pickle coleslaw was good and the hot sauce mayo had the perfect amount of spiciness.

In terms of what to pair your sandwich with you have plenty of options. There are crispy fries, steak fries, sweet potato fries, garlic fries, onions rings, and more. The tap list is also extremely good with a wide selection of local beers.

Gott's Roadside (7/10)

Gott’s Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich is on the lighter side and tastes almost healthy. Almost. Together with the arugula, pickled cucumbers and turnip, and the fluffy brioche bun (which has sesame on both sides), the sandwich doesn’t weigh you down. Still, that juicy piece of chicken won’t let you forget that you’re eating fried chicken.

If you’re at the San Francisco location and happen to catch a sunny day in the city, grab a local beer from the bar and enjoy your chicken sandwich on the nice outdoor patio at the Ferry Building.

Two Birds (10/10)

This little foodstand has fried chicken on a bun, on a salad, and in a bag. Obviously you should get it on a bun - which is the most delicious, fluffy, and buttery brioche. The piece of dark meat chicken itself is perfectly crispy and juicy. While the chicken is really good, what takes this sandwich over the top is that amazing fry sauce which is simultaneously creamy and peppery. This is the same sauce that they put on their cottage fries which are basically deep fried crunchy potato slices. Grab a puffy cottage fry as the perfect vessel to scoop extra sauce.

Located in Irvine’s Trade Food Hall, a sandwich from Two Birds can perfectly be paired with a fresh pint from Center Hub situated next door. Overall this has to be one of the best fried chicken sandwiches we’ve had.

Bakesale Betty (7/10)

A Berkeley/Oakland institution. The initial impression: this sandwich is simple; it seems almost reminiscent of a run- of-the-mill crispy chicken sandwich from any fast food spot (Wendy’s, Burger King, etc.), especially the chicken patty. However, the patty is big, juicy, and perfectly spiced. What really makes the sandwich is the unique slaw that is heaped on the bun - spicy with thin slices of jalapenos and crisp cabbage.

Grab one of the fresh warm cookies while you’re there. While we have never tried it, supposedly the strawberry shortcake, which is only seasonably available, is amazing. We’ll have to come back and see for ourselves.

Tin Roof Maui (6/10)

The spicy chicken sandwich here is very sweet. Both the bun and the sauce have a sweet and fruity Hawaiian taste to them. The best thing about this sandwich is that they use dark chicken meat for their fried chicken. Our sandwich had quite a bit of skin on it and was just extremely juicy - perfect together with that spicy aioli. If you want it even spicier, down a shot of the SLAB Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water after your sandwich (not for the faint of heart).

On the negative side, this sandwich was served rather cold and didn’t have a lot of texture. Neither the bun nor the chicken skin was very crispy, and everything felt rather mushy from a texture point of view.

The Crack Shack (10/10)

This restaurant has it all - a casual space to sit, friendly employees, cornhole, a good draft beer selection, and of course amazing fried chicken. The Firebird (see picture) has the right level of spiciness, fried onions, and ranch dressing on top of perfect juicy chicken.

But it doesn’t stop there, you can also order the Hangover which is served on the perfect soft biscuit with a fried egg. No matter which of the fried chicken sandwiches you order, share a large order of fries and try all the sauces that they offer at their self-service station. As with any joint with San Diego origins, expect an awesome beer list so you can wash down your sandwich and fries with a nice cold brew.

The Table (5/10)

The fried chicken in this sandwich is absolutely massive - it would be enough for 3 sandwiches in fact. The flavor of the chicken is a bit lacking and we definitely could’ve used more of the slaw, which is unfortunate because the bun is the best we had on a chicken sandwich in a while. The healthy side salad will make you feel a bit better after you consumed an entire chicken. Overall a bit dissapointing for an otherwise excellent brunch venue.

Dave's Hot Chicken (8/10)

They call them sliders but they’re big sandwiches. Very juicy chicken and a flavorful sauce. Medium spiciness is not very spicy, so go at least one step above it if you like it hot. The pickles give the sandwich the perfect tang and compensate for the boring bun. Come here with somebody you love and share the combo #2 that has two “sliders”.

Gregoire Berkeley (9/10)

The highlight of this fried chicken sandwich is the fresh bread, the French roll is crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside. Unfortunately there’s not a thick slab of chicken on this sandwich, the buttermilk chicken is not bad but small and a bit on the dry side. Still, the spicy coleslaw makes up for it with the perfect amount of spiciness and crunch.

We also have to talk about the potato puffs. If you’re not coming here for the chicken sandwich, you should for the potatoes. Just like the French roll, they’re crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. And don’t forget to get the creamy truffle sauce to dip ‘em in.

If you like chicken sandwiches, you have to try this when you’re in Berkeley! Grab it to go and enjoy it somewhere on the UC Berkeley campus.

Lazy Dog (7/10)

Is it a 9 or is it a 5? This sandwich is sometimes juicy and flavorful, sometimes dry and bland. Let’s settle with a 7 out of 10. In any case it’s big and you won’t leave hungry. It comes with a light and fresh slaw on top which lightens the big piece of chicken perfectly. There are a lot of side options at Lazy Dog, but we prefer the traditional fries or the lighter pickled cucumber salad.

Sweetbird (8/10)

Dangerously spicy for those who live on the edge. We like a good spicy chicken sandwich, but we can’t even imagine getting the Fire Bird; just opt for the spicy chicken sandwich instead. Pick up some boba at Mini Monster, also in the Anaheim Packing District, and head outside to have a chill lunch.

Pine State Biscuits (9/10)

The biscuit is tender. The chicken is crispy. The gravy is smooth and flavorful. Doesn’t matter whether you come here because you’re a fan of biscuits or you like chickens on buns - you order The Reggie. There might be a wait, but this is the perfect breakfast. Especially when the amazing pecan pie is the seasonal pie, which you must get (with whipped cream, of course).

Faubourg Bistro

You wouldn’t expect a good fried chicken sandwich when you walk into a random bar in the French Quarter. But at the back of the 700 Club (21+) is a small counter where you can order a fried chicken sandwich. Grab a sandwich and take it to the bar where you can order a beer to pair with your meal.

The Wandering Goose (7/10)

The Aunt Annie’s is the fried chicken biscuit you should order. It has the perfect combination of tanginess and sweetness. Who would have thought that pickles and honey go so well together on fried chicken? You might think that the honey is too sweet but it’s balanced by the little sprinkle of mustard sauce. On top of that buttery biscuit this makes the perfect fried chicken brunch.

There’s also The Sawmill chicken biscuit with gravy and cheese instead of pickles and honey — but we haven’t tried this one.

Bruxie (8/10)

Chicken, spicy slaw, and chili honey wrapped in a giant waffle bun. ‘nuff said. Back in the day, they used to not give you enough slaw in the sandwich and had a different recipe for the chicken, but the current version features crunchier double-battered chicken and a heap of slaw with that sticky, addicting honey.

The Bird (10/10)

One of the best fried chicken sandwiches we ever had. Get the spicy one (smothered in a Nashville-style sauce) or the chicken biscuit (chicken on a fluffy biscuit with hashbrowns) during breakfast.

Eureka (7/10)

The fried chicken sliders come in pairs of two and are topped with mashed potatoes for the ultimate carb-load. The chicken is very juicy and the slightly spicy sauce on the sliders gives them the perfect kick.

Starbird (6/10)

Starbird’s chicken sandwiches are as good as their chicken tenders. The chicken is moist and has a tasty breading. What makes the Starbird sandwiches stand out is not the chicken itself but the toppings and the bread. They have many different styles, for example the Starbird with avocado, the Hot Honey Chicken with hot honey and sweet pepper relish, and the Korean Fried Chicken with Gochujang sauce and miso slaw. The bread rolls are soft and have a great chew. Just don’t substitute the crispy chicken with grilled chicken when ordering your sandwich.

Let’s talk sides: The fries at Starbird are really good with the perfect amount of crispiness. And one of the highlights is definitely their sauce selection, especially the Gochujang-flavored Seoul Sauce. Alternatively, their super slaw made from kale and cabbage sounds boring but is actually really good. Top the slaw with one of the small packages of Crystal Hot Sauce that they have and you’ll have the perfect spicy slaw as your side.