The Chicken Shack

When you’re traveling North on I-5 and happen to be hungry around Redding, CA, you can stop here for some fried chicken. We had the Crystal Fire Chicken which sandwiches chicken pieces between two crispy waffles. The waffle is crispy but unfortunately the chicken is neither crispy nor juicy. This particular style is also a bit too sour due to all that vinegary sauce and nothing to balance it (except for a few leaves of lettuce). Maybe try one of their other Chicken + Waffle sandwiches.

Alternatively you can also get a biscuit chicken sandwich (breakfast all day). The All-In comes with fried chicken, bacon, and a ton of heavy gravy. The biscuit is fluffy and delicious. Overall it’s good… but you might regret eating the entire thing after. If you still have room for more food, order some garlic fries. They have the perfect amount of grated garlic and Parmesan.

The Chicken On A Bun tip: If you like the idea of eating your fried chicken between waffles, you should travel 600 miles South along I-5 and visit Bruxie in Southern California.

The Chicken Shack sandwich