Pono Hawaiian Kitchen

Most of the items on this menu are amazing renditions of classic Hawaiian fare, but we’re focusing on the Spicy Katsu Chicken Sando. The sandwich is simple: it’s just two slabs of their thin and tasty Chicken Katsu on a bun. Not much else. They top it with some slaw and serve it with a side of spicy sauce but it’s mainly about the Chicken Katsu. The piece of chicken is not thick and juicy but thin and cripsy. It’s a good idea to serve the sauce on the side so the chicken doesn’t get soggy.

We also have to highlight their french fries - they are tempura battered and really crunchy - maybe even the perfect fry? They also offer loaded Kalua Pork Fries which are topped with a generous serving of Kalua Pork and cheese - very heavy but perfect to share if you can’t get enough of their fries. Also, the macaroni salad here is amazing. We sub mac salad for white rice every time we get a plate. It’s Hawaiian mac salad at its finest.

Pono Hawaiian Kitchen sandwich