Cluck Kitchen

Orange County might have a new best fried chicken sandwich spot - that crown belonged to Two Birds in the past but Cluck Kitchen is up there.

The chicken pieces are thick, juicy, perfectly fried, and large. You have the choice of three flavor combinations: There’s the Classic sandwich with lettuce and mayo. Boring? NO WAY! It’s juicy and stands on its own - no spice or sauce needed to level up the flavor. You can also get the Nashville Hot (see photo) that smothered with plenty of Nashville hot sauce and topped with slaw and pickles. This sandwich is very flavorful and the choice for any spice lover. Be warned with the heat levels though - you can choose between Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot, and Get Clucked (offered as an option from 1-5). We got the Hot sandwich and it was already really spicy. They also have a Havarti Hen with cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, which we didn’t try this time but are keen to check out next time.

In terms of sides there are a few options but keep it simple and just a get curly fries. A single portion of fries is absolutely massive and is best shared between friends. It came out piping hot and fresh, which is just how we like our fries. There are a few sauce options in case you think ketchup is too boring, we can recommend the Cluck Sauce which is a honey-mustardy mayo.

Cluck Kitchen sandwich