Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich started the great chicken sandwich hype of 2019 and arguably won it in the fast food category. The sandwich is great because it doesn’t try to be fancy and comes only with the basics of a good chicken sandwich: a piece of fried chicken, a soft bun, some pickles, and mayo. You should order the spicy version — that spicy mayonnaise is amazing. It also complements the buttery and sweet bun which was fresh und fluffy. Special shoutout to the pickle slices, they were thick and provided the right bit of tanginess.

The chicken piece is fairly large and has the typical fast food taste (not necessarily a bad thing if you’re craving it). On the upside the chicken has a great flaky and crispy breading but on the downside the white chicken meat tasted a bit bland. This is a heavy sandwich though and you won’t feel light after.

Overall, Popeyes serves a solid chicken sandwich and the best you can get at a nation-wide fast food chain.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen sandwich