Surf City Sandwich

Surf City Sandwich is a great sandwich spot with plenty of flavorful and interesting sandwiches. Most importantly, they have a fried chicken sandwich called the Chicken Cowabunga. The chicken sandwich is pretty good, although it falls a bit short compared to their other sandwiches.

The fried chicken breast is not the most flavorful but relatively juicy and stayed surprisingly crisp even after the drive home. The sandwich also comes with a slice of American cheese, lots of pretty good pickles, a spicy mayo, and caramelized onions. There are a bit too many of the overly sweet caramelized onions for our taste, so the sandwich is sweeter than it should be. Overall, it feels a bit like an elevated and improved version of the Popeyes sandwich - although the chicken piece itself at Popeyes is slightly better.

The sandwich comes with excellent house-made potato chips on the side. But if you want to get push your sandwich experience over the edge, order the Beer Barnacles as a side. Beer Barnacles consists of a large heap of tater tots with bacon bits and a habanero cheese sauce on top. The sauce fluctuates day-to-day in spiciness, so be warned it can range from medium hot to HOT! Share them with one or two friends since the portion is kinda big.

Surf City Sandwich sandwich