Café Beaujolais

Café Beaujolais is an amazing restaurant in Mendocino. During the pandemic, they started offering take-out food instead of their usual fine dining French cuisine. One of these new take-out items is the Buttermilk Fried Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. The sandwich is not bad and pretty basic with fried chicken, onions, pickles, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. The bun is great, but the chicken was a bit greasy albeit juicy. The hot sauce on the chicken was not as spicy as expected and seemed to be lightly applied with a mop rather than a proper dip into a sauce bath, resulting in very little sauce. We will continue to come back for Café Beaujolais’s regular menu and delicious wood-fired pizzas, but we’ll skip the chicken sandwich next time.

Café Beaujolais sandwich