Howlin' Ray's

The perfect fried chicken sandwich exists! If you’re from SoCal, you have almost certainly heard of the legendary Howlin’ Ray’s. The wait used to take at least an hour, and we are not the biggest fans of waiting that long for food. As of June 2021, you are able to must pay a bunch of Postmates fees to get it delivered, presumably to a random parking lot in Chinatown if you live outside the actual delivery area. For us, it was worth the extra fees to avoid waiting in line.

The sandwich comes with the perfect piece of fried chicken: a sizable - but not too big! - piece of juicy chicken breast. How they keep such a thick chunk of white meat so juicy is beyond us! We think the magic is in the breading, which has some sort of magic je ne sais quoi. The sandwich comes with a sweet and tangy slaw with onions, comeback sauce, and pickles. The spice level goes from Country (without spice) to Howlin (super spicy). We’d go for Medium if you want a spicy sandwich and Medium Plus if you want it a little spicier. In our experience, anything above that and the heat overpowers your enjoyment of your sandwich.

Grab a side of shake fries, and you have the perfect fried chicken sandwich meal.

Howlin' Ray's sandwich