Roux Dat

Roux Dat offers a variety of Po’ Boys, one of them being the Spicy Fried Chicken Po’ Boy. It’s basically a New Orleans-style Shrimp Po’ Boy with small pieces of fried chicken instead of shrimps. The base of the sandwich is an airy, fluffy roll of french bread, topped with shredded lettuce, tomoatoes, pickles, and mayo. The chicken pieces are small and encrusted in a thick cornmeal breading and cajun spice.

As a side, get some of those cajun fries. They are thin and heavily spiced but the fries portion is unfortunately rather small. This is a good lunch spot if you’re not too hungry - the sandwich might look big, but it’s surprisingly light, and you won’t feel heavy after.

Overall not a bad sandwich, but it’s lacking that “fried chicken” je-ne-sais-quoi. We like Roux Dat, but go with the Fried Shrimp Po’ Boy instead.

Roux Dat sandwich