Starbird’s chicken sandwiches are as good as their chicken tenders. The chicken is moist and has a tasty breading. What makes the Starbird sandwiches stand out is not the chicken itself but the toppings and the bread. They have many different styles, for example the Starbird with avocado, the Hot Honey Chicken with hot honey and sweet pepper relish, and the Korean Fried Chicken with Gochujang sauce and miso slaw. The bread rolls are soft and have a great chew. Just don’t substitute the crispy chicken with grilled chicken when ordering your sandwich.

Let’s talk sides: The fries at Starbird are really good with the perfect amount of crispiness. And one of the highlights is definitely their sauce selection, especially the Gochujang-flavored Seoul Sauce. Alternatively, their super slaw made from kale and cabbage sounds boring but is actually really good. Top the slaw with one of the small packages of Crystal Hot Sauce that they have and you’ll have the perfect spicy slaw as your side.

Starbird sandwich