RT Rotisserie

RT Rotisserie has a lot of chicken dishes but the one to get is Sally Hurricane’s Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich. Not sure whether it is actually healthier than your usual fried chicken sandwich but it definitely feels like it. They use a delicious yogurt sauce instead of the usual mayo which pairs well with the slaw and pickled onions. The chicken is not very crispy, but it’s juicy and flavorful.

It doesn’t stop with the chicken, RT Rotisserie also shines with their side dishes. The RTR Salad is definitely a highlight with more pickled onions, cotija cheese, and sesame vinaigrette. Unfortunately the salad also comes with a crazy amount of mint leaves which was a bit too much. If you’re not into salad, they also have really tasty and crispy umami fries, which are covered in an addictive seasoning. In the end, you maybe should get both. (We did!)

The Redwood City location is a ghost kitchen with only take-out or delivery, but there are two full locations in San Francisco.

RT Rotisserie sandwich