First Street Alehouse

You might come here for the burgers, but there’s also a Southern Chicken Sandwich on the menu! The sandwich has all the right ingredients but the execution is not great. The chicken was too thin and relatively tough on the outside (not overly dry on the inside though). But the main issue with the sandwich was the bun. The bottom bun was extremely soggy. At first we thought this was because of the slaw but the burgers at this place come like that, too. A real bummer since the other ingredients on the sandwich weren’t bad at all - the pickle coleslaw was good and the hot sauce mayo had the perfect amount of spiciness.

In terms of what to pair your sandwich with you have plenty of options. There are crispy fries, steak fries, sweet potato fries, garlic fries, onions rings, and more. The tap list is also extremely good with a wide selection of local beers.

First Street Alehouse sandwich