Burger King

Another worthwhile contender in the world of fast food chicken sandwiches! The hand-breaded chicken sandwiches from Burger King are a huge step up from their original chicken sandwich (ew). They’re actually so similar to the Popeyes sandwich that it almost seems a disgruntled Popeyes employee secretly passed their recipe to Burger King.

We tried the Spicy Ch’King (spicy glaze on the fried chicken, on the left) and the Ch’King Deluxe (lettuce and tomato instead of pickles, on the right). The chicken was surprisingly thick and juicy, and the Spicy Ch’King had a noticeable but not overpowering kick. Where it falls short of the Popeyes chicken sandwich is the crunch factor and the bun; the breading on both Burger King sandwiches didn’t manage to stay as crispy on our short drive home, and the potato bun was a little too sweet for our taste. If there are no Popeyes around, we would pick the Burger King Ch’Kings over other fast food chicken sandwiches.

Burger King sandwich